Lay Down Your Knives Apr 30

We’ve regularly championed various charities throughout our career and are big advocates when it comes to using our voice to highlight various good causes including CrisisAlzheimer SocietyStroke AssociationSt. Mungo’sAsthma UKLiver4Life, and The Royal Marsden Cancer Society.

With the recent reports of a 22% increase in knife crime in London, we’ve made available Lay Down Your Knives as a free download. This is to raise awareness of the issue, and to come together and seek help for those affected.

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We rewrote I’m Too Sexy’s lyrics, but the track is very far removed from the original track. Lay Down Your Knives is a dark and moody track, taking on a sombre note reflective of our feelings towards the events in London this year.

We both send our love and support to anyone affected by crime and urge the affected – victims, friends and family member – to reach out to one of the many originations around the UK whose services guide and help those in need, including Victim SupportChildline, and Fearless to name but a few.

· Victim Support:

· Childline:

· Fearless: